What To Expect

At our first session, you will complete a few brief assessment forms that will provide me with an overview of what is going well in your life and what challenges you are facing. Next, we will sit down in my office and I will ask you to tell me something about what brings you into treatment now. As you describe the series of feelings, events and actions that have led to this moment, I will be listening with the intention of deeply understanding your experience and conveying this understanding to you. As you begin to trust my intention to serve as your ally in understanding your life – past and present – you will likely begin to experience a sense of safety in the room. This feeling of safety will allow us to begin the work of therapy.

[x_text]Contact me to restore your sense of predictability and safety in life.

Jay Reid is a registered Professional Clinical Counselor Intern (PCCi) #1189 under the supervision of Jane Jordan LCS #5115.[/x_text]