Therapy to fully be yourself

I work with people who learned they can’t fully be themselves in life and relationships.  Some common experiences include:

  • working ‘all the time’ to meet others’ expectations
  • feeling extremely guilty when you put yourself first
  • feeling depleted when there’s no task to get done

Therapy with me can help you:

  • understand why you had to hush yourself to make relationships last
  • put yourself first without undue guilt
  • find and build relationships with people who like it when you express yourself.

I provide open, warm, theory and data-driven therapy to help you reach these goals. Read more about it here.

If this type of issue resonates with you, you might consider contacting me for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in California.

  • Raised by a narcissist?
  • In a relationship with one?
  • Recover your rights to self-worth and healthy boundaries
  • Feeling down or flat most days?
  • Therapy can help you get out the woods of depression.
  • Is worry or stress holding you back?
  • Therapy can help you move through your anxiety, instead of away from it.
  • Were you mistreated as a kid?
  • Therapy can help you put these experiences where they belong: in your past.