Narcissistic Emotional Abuse

Think about a caregiver or partner whom you think may have narcissistically abused you

How often were the following statements true about this person?

S(he) claims I'm too needy.

I feel anxious  around this person.

I feel defective or weak for having negative emotions around this person.

I feel scrutinized by this person.

I ask myself what s(he) would think before I consider my own point of view.

(S)he explodes into rages at me.

(S)he asks me about what is important to me.

(S)he is genuinely concerned about my happiness.

(S)he questions my decisions.

(S)he probably tells others private things about me.

I feel like I cannot trust this person.

I do not feel emotionally safe around this person.

I do not feel physically safe around this person.

I am reluctant to disagree with this person.

(S)he finds fault with my choice in friends.

(S)he mocks and/or subtly puts me down around others.

I feel less like myself when I am around this person.

I am afraid of this person leaving or rejecting me.

(S)he blames me when things don't go how they want them to.

This person says things that upset me then tells me I am overreacting.

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