Depression Quiz

Instructions: Below is a list of the ways you might have felt or behaved. Use the slider to rate how often you have felt this way in the past two weeks.

Feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge

I could not shake off the blues.

I had trouble keeping my mind on what I was doing.

I felt depressed.

My sleep was restless.

I felt sad.

I could not get going.

Nothing made me happy.

I felt like a bad person.

I lost interest in my usual activities.

I slept much more than usual.

I felt like I was moving too slowly.

I felt fidgety.

I wished I were dead.

I wanted to hurt myself.

I was tired all the time.

I did not like myself.

I lost a lot of weight without trying to.

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep.

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Source: Eaton, W. W., Smith, C., Ybarra, M., Muntaner, C., Tien, A. (2004). Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale: review and revision (CESD and CESD-R). In ME Maruish (Ed.). The Use of Psychological Testing for Treatment Planning and Outcomes Assessment (3rd Ed.), Volume 3: Instruments for Adults, pp. 363-377. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

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