Online Clinical Consultation Group for Therapists of Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

Online Clinical Consultation Group for Therapists of Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

Welcome to our Online Clinical Consultation Group, a forum for licensed mental health professionals working to develop expertise in treating survivors of narcissistic abuse.

The group is limited to 8 members.  We meet via Zoom weekly on Fridays from 11:45am – 1pm PST.  

Licensed Mental Health Professionals from anywhere in the world are welcome to join.  This includes LPC, LPCC, LCSW, LMFT, PsyD, PhD, MD, & PMHN.  

Why We Meet

Mental health professionals are well aware of how much scholarly attention has been paid to the diagnosis and treatment of pathological narcissism (e.g. Heinz Kohut, Otto Kernberg, DSM-V).  Relatively little attention has been paid to the psychological consequences of those in relationship to a narcissistic individual.  This is unfortunate because the consequences are often damaging.  A narcissist often has to devalue the people closest to them so they can maintain their exaggerated yet fragile self-esteem.   This is what is meant by ‘narcissistic abuse’. 

It’s the survivors of narcissistic abuse who are the most likely to come for therapy!  As a field, we need to pay more attention to this population to help them recover the quality of life they deserve.  That’s the purpose of this consultation group. 

What Happens When We Meet

Each meeting a member presents a case of someone they are working with who has survived narcissistic abuse.  They usually present for 15-20 minutes followed by a group discussion.  Members who are not presenting that day are encouraged to think about the case and share their reflections.  The overarching goal is think together to determine how the therapy can be most helpful to this particular client.  If time allows, a second member can present a case. 

As facilitator, I will use Control-Mastery Theory (CMT) to conceptualize what stands in the way of clients reaching their goals and how therapists can help them overcome these obstacles. CMT is a flexible and evidence-supported psychodynamic approach that accommodates any theoretical perspective designed to help clients reach their goals.  Members are welcome and encouraged to bring whatever theoretical perspective they find most useful to the group. 

What to Expect When We Meet

In a word: Safety.  First, my role as facilitator is to protect the felt safety of all participants.  Second, at the start of a case presentation the member will state how the group can be most helpful to them.  Sometimes a member may want constructive feedback as to whether they are missing something in their work with a client.  Other times a member may want support from the group as they deal with a particularly challenging case.  The group functions to be of assistance in whatever way each person finds most helpful.  This approach ensures that each member’s sense of safety in the group.

How To Join

The first step is to schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation with Jay to learn more and see if the group is a good fit.  If we determine that there is a fit then you will be invited to join the group. 

Members agree to pay $100 per meeting and commit to attending at least 16 meetings to start. 

Life coaches who do not have one of the licenses above are not eligible to join this group.  

CE Credits

LPCC’s, LMFT’s & LCSW’s can earn 1.25 CE credits per meeting.  This consultation group is certified by the California Association for Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT).  If you live out of the state of California you may still be able to use these CE credits towards your licensure requirements.  I encourage you to check with your state licensing board to be sure. 

Those who qualify can earn 20 CE credit hours by attending 16 meetings.