Narcissism in Family of Origin Sets Up for Later Abuse

  • October 20, 2021 at 2:11 pm #8993
    John Connell

    Narcissism in “Family of Origin” sets me up for a covert narcissistic spouse. My mother had a serious “Sadistic” characteristic in her narcissism that caused my defense against a covert narcissist to zero. I viewed my future spouse with short of a “Salvivic” perspective after age 17. It was my projection of a “Better Than Family of Origin” that really drove my quest for a better relationship than that of my “Family of Origin.” I had no idea that such “Character Disturbances”existed and that carried forward for about 20 years . My inner critic coupled with “Projecting Desired Characteristics” effectively distorted and sort of “shorted out” contrary warnings. This “set up” eventuated in a devastating fall after 46 years of marriage. There are differences from “Family of Origin” perspectives. The “scapegoat aspect” in Family of Origin is more prominent whereas in “Partner or Spousal” relationship the “subservient provider” role or perspective is the driving emotion for the narcissist. This adds to the confusion on the part of the “Target” in sequential relationships.

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