• October 12, 2021 at 11:17 am #8936
    Robert Szapas

    That with the dreams is very interesting. I do have frequent nightmares and I actually see kind of a rhythm in them. Oftentimes it’s not really a dream, but an unbelievable loud and dangerous noise and as it becomes unbearable, I wake up. When it occurs, it’s scary, but I see it as kind of a sign of recovery-progress. Always after some of these nights or nights I can’t sleep and my mind is rotating, I start to feel just a general better and more grounded feeling about myself.
    Also I start to see the situation clearer and which part was played by which family member in the dynamic.

    Whereas while I was still living at home I had no dreams at all for a very long time. But one thing I do remember is, sometimes when I was a kid, and I was lying in my bed, it seemed like the door from my room was miles away and even appeared to move further away and I was in like a surreal “between worlds” kind of state.

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